Integration Instructions for the Code


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1- Login to Drupal admin and choose "Structure". Then "Blocks" sub menu. Click on "Add Block"

LetsSyncro Instructions for Drupal

2- Then, add title, description and paste the LetsSyncro code* under the "Block Body" (the text editor must be in HTML view). Be sure to choose "Full HTML" under "Text Format". Save it.

Live Chat Software - Drupal Module

*Login to your LetsSyncro back-office, go to the "Help & Support Section", you will find the code under the "Your LetsSyncro Code" Section.

3- Locate the new block under "Disabled" and drag it to be located under "Footer". Save it again.

Integrate Live Help with Drupal

After you have completed all of these steps, the LetsSyncro tab will appear on every page:

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